MSNBC: Rev. Dr. Liz Theoharis interviewed by Lindsey Reiser for the Ali Velshi show

Ali Velshi show with Lindsey Reiser
December 18, 2021

Senator Manchin professes to be a follower of Catholic teachings and yet we are seeing a Senator who has the power to make people’s lives in his state and all across this country better, invest in living wages, invest in a child tax credit, pass voting rights protections and expansion. When you have power and refuse to use it for good, that is sin of the highest nature. This is exactly what the prophets throughout history speak against. We need for him to have a change of heart and that’s going to come from the pressure of the people. People in his own state -more than 700,000 people in West Virginia are poor or low-income and 75-80% of people in West Virginia support the expansion of voting rights and yet he as a politician elected by the people is standing in opposition to exactly what the people of West Virginia are saying they want and need and that is immoral and it is wrong. And we are gong to have to keep on fighting and keep on pushing, until we win what the people poor and low income people in this country need.